Since July 27, 2015, product detail views are missing in Google Analytics. As far as I can tell this is a global bug that would affect all Shopify stores using enhanced ecommerce.


As a retailer, what’s most important are your products. Do you have products that people want? How are your products performing? Can shoppers find them easily? Which products should I put on the homepage? Are shoppers taking action on product pages, such as adding them to cart? How are products that are new or updated performing? What other products might a customer be interested in?
Traditional metrics such as pageviews, sessions or exit rates are not nearly as actionable as product-related metrics, such as product views and add-to-carts.
If your Shopify store is affected, please take the time to contact Shopify support to ask them for a quick fix and to let them know that having reliable analytics data is crucial for online retailers. That is true whether you use Analytics Buddy or not.