After I installed Analytics Buddy I received an audit email, and I see red.

You mean something like this?


Being ever so helpful, Analytics Buddy does a quick check of your Google Analytics setup. If you get a red line for e-commerce tracking not being enabled, please don’t ignore. Whether you continue using Analytics Buddy or not, as an online store you’ll want to get e-commerce data, right? Instructions on how to fix any issues are here.

I fixed a couple of settings but it still shows red

Analytics Buddy doesn’t check settings in realtime (it’s once every 24 hours) and we only send an initial email after you install the app.

After a while I got another email from Analytics Buddy and there is more red!

Some issues only become apparent after looking at the data for a bit, hence the delay:


Here the key thing is self-referrals. This should not be ignored. Again, doesn’t matter if you use Analytics Buddy forever and ever, but it is about data quality in Google Analytics. I still believe in you; you can fix it yourself or see next paragraph.

Can’t be bothered to fix the red stuff?

Then let us do the work for you. Just contact us at to schedule the free setup.

Can I use Analytics Buddy with the Shopify Buy Button?

If your site is hosted on another platform, such as WordPress or Squarespace, and you use the Shopify Buy Button then you may be out of luck getting good ecommerce data in Google Analytics. The reason is that the Buy Button is injected as an iframe on your site and there does not appear a way to add the Google Analytics tracking code to that iframe.

Can I use Analytics Buddy if my site is password-protected?

No. Analytics Buddy can’t inspect your Google Analytics implementation properly if your site is not public. Plus, it probably means that you are not ready to accept orders yet, so there’d be no interesting data to show anyway.

Why are you offering a free initial audit?

Analytics Buddy can only do its magic if it knows that the data can be trusted. It hates GIGO (nasty fellow that). Good data for the Buddy, good data for you, everyone happy.

Have any suggestions for making the app better?

Please let us know and we’ll file that somewhere. Seriously, if we can give you data in a way that’s better for you, we’d like to hear from you!

Can I get more free stuff with the audit?

The initial audit and setup is designed to get you good data, whether you use Analytics Buddy or not. We go through all Google Analytics settings and configurations.

So, how are you making money?

Glad you asked. Aside from the generous initial setup, we do have a more advanced plan that gives you product cost and checkout error tracking and some other goodies. We also hope that you’ll consider us for custom projects once you caught the analytics bug and would like to have answers that your analytics data cannot give you out of the box.

Analytics Buddy was working fine after you set it up for me, but now feature X doesn’t work anymore. Can you fix it?

The Internet is a dynamic place and you will probably try different apps and tinker with the design of your store over time. Rightly so, but it’s possible that a poorly implemented script or app could affect other apps, including Analytics Buddy. I wish we could all play nicely together, but if you believe Analytics Buddy causes some other functionality to not work anymore, the only practical option is for us to suggest that you don’t use our app. Even if it can be shown that faulty code somewhere else is to blame, sorting out such conflicts can take a long time.

Is there are real Buddy behind the app?

A certain Michael Whitaker claims to have something to do with it.