I’m pleased to announce the launch of our premium Daily Sales and Traffic email. It’s designed for the busy retailer who wants to get a quick summary in your inbox each morning showing you the traffic, number of orders, sales and other key metrics for your store. Take a look at our sample report.

Daily Sales and Traffic Email

Get a convenient email with a summary of activity from your store each morning. The app connects to Google Analytics and allows you to understand both sales and traffic numbers to help you keep track of activity on your store. The email will contain key metrics that are important for running your store. There are four key metrics right at the top to give you a quick summary on a daily basis.

  • Number of Transactions
  • Number of daily sessions
  • Total Gross Sales
  • Conversion Rate


Looking for more detail? How about a quick dive into sales metrics. Understand daily, weekly and monthly trends in important selling KPIs including…

  • Gross Sales
  • Discounts
  • Refunds
  • Shipping
  • Collected Tax


How about traffic? Is your store getting enough visitors? What channels are driving the most sessions? The app pulls the top five traffic sources from your GA account and reports daily, weekly and monthly data to help you understand trends and quickly spot problems.


Understand important conversion metrics for your store including Conversion Rate, AOV, Bounce Rate and Time on Site. These metrics are pulled directly from your Google Analytics profile and allow you to quickly understand how your store is doing without having to run multiple reports. Even better, spot drops in conversion rate and stay ahead of potential problems with your site.

Customer Metrics

Still want to know more? How about the number of orders from new customers, repeat customers and trends in new vs returning. Data is available for daily, weekly and monthly trends. How many new customers did you add last month?

Top Products

Finally. Understand the top products that are driving sales for your store. How many did you sell? Focus your attention on the products that make the biggest difference and boost your sales.

The report is available now for all Analytics Buddy users and is free for the first 30 days. Then it’s just $5/month as part of our Analytics Ninja plan.