Why am I not seeing any order info?

A number of reasons could explain why you might not see any data on the “Order Info” page:

  1. First and most importantly, Analytics Buddy requires access to Google Analytics. If you did not grant our app access during installation we can’t show you additional information.
  2. If you just recently enabled e-commerce tracking, there may not be info to report. If the transaction is not in Google Analytics, it won’t be in our app either.
  3. Google Analytics will only allow us to go back 90 days in the past. So if you are trying to view an order older than 90 days, we likely won’t have anything to report.
  4. If you have deleted a product’s variant, that variant can no longer be found in your data. Yet Google Analytics still reports that variant as being part of their data. So when we try to reconcile the two, it fails. Products whose variant no longer exist therefore might not load in the information page.
  5. Finally, the web being the uncertain place that it is, sometimes some transactions are not tracked in Google Analytics. If the order you are trying to get information on is one of those not tracked in Google Analytics, we will not be able to give you any reports on that page.

If you have other questions, please contact us directly at info@analyticsbuddy.com.